If you would like to add people from data capture to a process queue (PQ), and into an automated message campaign (AMC) at a later chosen time, there are a few different ways you can do this and things you should know. (This ninja trick would be useful if your church wanted a text to be sent later in the PQ or based on the completion of other previous PQ steps.)

  1. You would need to have a group with a keyword / data capture campaign set up in PastorsLine and synced to the PQ step of your choice (See below for articles on how to do this).  *For example, I would want all new guests (whether they filled out a physical connect card, went through our digital connect text process or completed a digital connect card to be put into the very first step of this process queue "Guest Texted Keyword / filled out connect card". This step starts the entire process that follows, and the guests would be moved down the process in order - ending with Step 3 "Send text"

Within the PQ, you have the option of using various automations. One of those automations is you can put people into a group (the automations start after a person is marked "done"). Once the person is marked "done" by the PQ manager of that "step", the person can automatically be put into a group of your choice (this automation is set up ahead of time when creating the PQ)

*Decide when, or after the completion of which steps in the PQ you want the text to be sent. At that step is where you would want the automation, "add person to _______group" to be set.

2. You would also need to have a group in PastorsLine already set up to sync with your CCB group that your PQ automation will be adding them to.   

3. Set up your Automated Message Campaign (AMC) for your group using the trigger, "trigger by group" turned on and selecting the appropriate group name.

4. PastorsLine MUST re-sync sometime after you have marked those people in your process queue as "done". This can happen one of two ways. You need to either manually sync your PastorsLine account with CCB to update the new people your process queue just added to the group in PL as well, OR you can utilize our overnight syncing option and this will be done automatically for you every night!

And that should be all! Once your people text your keyword and go through the data capture, they are entered into your Process Queue. Then, once they are marked "done" on the appropriate PQ step and your PastorsLine account is synced, your automated message campaign will be scheduled. 

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you do not have your AM set to "send immediately" or your people will receive messages in the middle of the night or whenever the sync is done. 

For information on how to use data captures with CCB process queues go HERE.

For information on how to create Automated Message campaigns, go HERE.

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