Do you want to automatically add people to a different Automated Message Campaign (AMC) based on their responses to a CCB form? 

There are a few different ways you can do this and things you should know. 

1. You would need to have a keyword / data capture campaign set up in PastorsLine (PL), with the last message of the data capture being the link to your CCB form. (This is important so you are able to match responses later on. See the article HERE for more information about this).

2. Your form would need to have its own automation to put people into specific groups based on their answers. Example: If a question on your form is, "Which department do you wish to serve in?", based on their answer - let's use Childcare as an example - the form can then place them into a "childcare interest" group in CCB. This automation happens once the forms are "matched". 

3. You would also need to have those groups in PastorsLine already set up to sync with your CCB groups. 

4. Set up a separate Automated Message Campaign for each group that needs their own set of scheduled messages with the trigger, "trigger by group" turned on and the corresponding group selected. 

5. PastorsLine MUST re-sync sometime after you have matched the forms, adding those people to the corresponding groups. This can happen one of two ways. You need to either manually sync your PastorsLine account with CCB to update the new people your form just added to the groups in PL as well OR you can utilize our overnight syncing option and this will be done automatically for you every night!

And that should be all! Once your people text your keyword, go through the data capture, receive and fill out the CCB form; the responses are matched; and your PastorsLine account is synced, your automated message campaign will be scheduled according to their answers on your CCB form. 

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you do not have your AM set to "send immediately" or your people will receive messages in the middle of the night or whenever the sync is done. 

For information on how to use data captures and integrate with CCB groups go HERE.

Also see this article HERE.

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