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V3: Do you work with the Australian market?
V3: Do you work with the Australian market?

Yes, we do. And prices have come down. Check out the facts and figures here.

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Yes, we do. In fact, we have a few dozen church partners who are doing it successfully.

The price has gone down, making it a more attractive option. The cost for your first PastorsLine Australian phone number begins at AUD 7.65 (estimated local currency conversion). As the plan price increases, this cost decreases and is eventually free.

Here’s how it would work.

NOTE: All AUD prices are an estimated local currency conversion based on rates at the time of writing.


For the US and CA, phone numbers are included in all plans. The higher the plan, the more free numbers are included. For Australia, we give you a ‘budget’ of USD 3.- (AUD 4.42) per month for each phone number included in the US/CA plan. This acts as a discount towards your first Australian number which is a higher price. Let’s look at a few examples.

PastorsLine monthly plan cost

# of phone numbers incl. for US/CA

‘Budget / Discount’

Cost of an Australian number

Price you pay for the first Australian phone number

USD 15.-

AUD 22.14


USD 3.- (1 x USD 3.-)

AUD 4.43

AUD 12.14

AUD 7.71

USD 30.-

AUD 44.27


USD 6.- (2 x USD 3.-)

AUD 8.85

AUD 12.14

AUD 3.29

USD 50.-

AUD 73.79


USD 9.- (3 x USD 3.-)

AUD 13.28

AUD 12.14

Nothing - the phone number is free.


Currently, for Australia, each sent text costs 2 credits. The USD 30.- (AUD 45.90) monthly plan comes with 1,250 messaging credits. This means that you would be able to send 625 messages per month (1250 / 2). The USD 50.- (AUD 76.50) monthly plan comes with 2,750 credits, enabling you to send 1,375 messages per month (2750 / 2).

Note: A message is defined as 160 characters. Longer messages will use more messaging credits.


Unlimited integrations, Unlimited regular keywords and Unlimited short code keywords.


We’ve checked local vendors. When we run the math, it works out the same. Our charges are based on a proportional rate to what our vendor charges us. They base their pricing on the cost of doing business in the different areas.

We understand that even though the pricing is lower, the cost might be prohibitive. No disrespect intended. Just wanted to share the plain facts.

Check out our Australia pricing here:

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