We already integrate with the AU market. We have had a few church partners who have done it successfully. The price has gone down, making it a more attractive option. An Australian phone number used to cost 750 credits/m. It is down to 500. Text messages used to cost 6 credits. They now cost 2.

Here’s how it would work

For the US and CA, phone numbers are included in all plans. For each phone number, we give you a ‘budget’ of 125 credits per month. So, that covers the cost of a US or CA number.

AU numbers cost 500 credits each. So, you would need a plan with enough included phone numbers to make it make sense. Let’s take the $30/m plan as an example. This plan comes with 2 US or CA phone numbers. So that is 250 credits to apply towards your AU number. The monthly balance you would owe would be 250 credits (500 credits per number - 250 credit number budget).

The total pool for the $30/m plan is 1,250 credits. 1250 credits - 250 (additional cost for phone number) = 1000 credits for texting.

Each text costs 2 credits, so you will be able to send/receive 500 messages (1000/2) per month with 1 AU number.

If you need more texting, you could opt for our $50/m plan. This comes with 3 US or CA phone numbers and 2,750 credits per month. Since the number budget is 375 credits (125 x 3), your AU phone would only cost you an additional 125 credits/m (500 - 375), leaving you with 2625 credits or 1312 messages per month.

We’ve checked local vendors. When we ran the math, it works out the same. Our charges are based on a proportional rate to what our vendor charges us. They base their pricing on the cost of doing business in the different areas.

We understand that even though the pricing is lower, the cost might be prohibitive. No disrespect intended. Just wanted to share the plain facts.

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