Currently, if you send a group message, you are charged for each message sent whether or not it was a landline, VOIP or mobile phone. Our vendor charges us for each attempt. Now you can check your imported numbers to classify whether they are landlines, VOIP (like Google numbers or another PastorsLine number) or mobile. After you do this, you can filter out the landline phones, for example, and delete them or for group messages, we will automatically skip sending to landline numbers by default. You will see a new checkbox option in your Group Send view.  The combination of seeing and fixing failed messages and this new feature means you can save credits and communicate more effectively—have more confidence that your message is being delivered.

(This service costs 1 credit per lookup. However, we have a Peter pays for Paul model. Once one client checks the classification for a number, we record that value across our entire app. When you do the checkup and if you happen to have the same contact in your database, you would not be charged and we will just display the number type.) 

Below are several ways you can check the classification of your numbers. 

Checking ALL of your contacts all at once

STEP 1: Use our number lookup feature to look up and flag each contact with their phone number type.

1a. Go to your Contacts List.

1b. Go to Settings (Gear icon).

1c. Click on Check Caller Information (orange box below).

1d. The Caller Information box will pop up. 

Click on Check numbers from all pages. The cost will be the amount of numbers you are checking. Click Check and Pay.

After checking, the system will return you to your Contacts List.

Checking caller information INDIVIDUALLY / one at a time

1. Click on View (eye icon, orange box) next to the contact's name you wish to check. 

2.  Click Click here to verify caller info (green box).

3. Select Check and Pay 1 Credit.

Checking contacts by GROUP

1. Go to your "Groups" page.

2. Next to the group you wish to check, select View (eye icon, red box).

3. Click the "Gear" icon on the right side of the page.

4. Then select "Check Caller Information".

5. Select "Check and Pay Credits". If you want to make sure you are checking everyone in that group at once, select the box "Check numbers from all pages". This will also update the total credits this will "cost" to run this check.

Additional Information:

You may receive a list of "checking errors". These are phone numbers that are unable to be checked. This could mean they are invalid numbers. You can edit the numbers and check again. 

After the numbers have been checked, what do those icons mean?

Not Checked:

Checked but with errors:


Mobile (Cell) Phone:

VOIP number:

You can also filter your list of contacts and can choose to hide the landline numbers, VOIP numbers, mobile numbers, numbers that came back as errors, and/or hide the numbers you have not checked yet. Click the Settings gear again and you will see your filter options. This is a "sticky" setting, so the setting(s) of whatever you choose to filter out will stay the same next time. You can change this filter as needed. 


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