Q: What does the PastorsLine inviting / adding a new user process look like?

A: When you invite someone, you need to enter their email address because the invite is sent to their email. If they accept and don’t exist in our PastorsLine database, they will be prompted to create a password (they enter and confirm). If they are already in our database, they will be redirected to the Login page. Note: Sometimes, invite emails end up in the Spam or Junk folder.

Step 1
Click on your profile icon (need to be an admin).

Step 2
Click on "Users".

Step 3
Click on Add New. Follow the steps.

Reinviting a user

Let's say you sent a user an invite. He or she did not respond.

Before, you would have to do the whole process again: delete this user, add him or her again, and issue an invite.

Now, you can just click on the Reinvite icon (two red arrows in opposite directions) to resend the invite link.


To understand how our multiuser feature works, visit the following article.

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