Q: Can I use a CCB form to collect contact information and turn off the auto data capture?

A: Yes, but ONLY if that group is not synced to CCB. 

If you turn off the auto data capture and the group is synced to CCB, anyone who is new and not already in your CCB system will automatically have a incomplete record / profile created for them in CCB with only their phone number. If they click on the link and fill out the form, CCB will also create a profile for them in CCB. This creates duplicate profiles, and it will cause issues when trying to match forms. 

You would have to merge every "loser" profile (the incomplete profile) with the "winner" profile (the profile CCB created) before matching the forms. Depending on the amount of responses you receive, this could be pretty time consuming for you to do. 

**We recommend at least using the auto name capture so when you are matching the forms in CCB, they can be easily matched and you can avoid having to merge the profiles beforehand.

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