How you can edit a contact's profile in the new HUB.

Option 1: HUB Inbox

Click Search (magnifying glass icon, blue circle).

In the Search Bar, search for the contact by typing in their name or phone number. 

Select the contact and on the far right side of the screen, you will see all of the contact's information. Here you can edit the contact's name, email, birth date, tags, groups, or notes. 

IF there is more than one contact in your database with the same phone number, you will see a list of contacts to choose from. Click "edit" next to the contact you need to edit. You screen will change to match the above picture for the contact you chose.

Click Edit next to the category you need to make changes to. 

Make the necessary changes and click Save

To block/unsubscribe/delete a contact

Blocking a contact keeps them from texting any of your numbers. It works just like it would work on your phone to block a person.

Unsubscribing a person opts them OUT of receiving messages from you but does not block them from texting you, and they are still able to opt back in if they want later.

Deleting removes the contact from your contact list.

To do any of the above...

Click More (3 vertical dots, blue arrow). A drop down menu will appear. Select your action and click on it.

For instructions on how to edit your contacts info in the inbox (legacy) or the contacts page, click HERE.

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