A: PastorsLine gives you several options. For any of the below options, you will need to create the groups you want to add your contacts to first. 

Contacts List page:
Click on “Show 1000 per page” to minimize the number of pages. 

Select all the people you wish to add to the group. 

Click on the red “Copy” tab and select the group you wish to copy these selected people into. The contacts will be copied into the selected group AND still remain on the Contacts List.

Group details page: You have two options. 

To copy people into another group but leave them in the original group also, follow the exact same steps as above (Contacts List page). To move people from this group into another group, follow the steps as above BUT click on the red “Move” tab instead of the red “Copy” tab. Just to be clear: the “Move” option deletes the selected people from the original group (but not from your application). More information on the difference between "Move" and "Copy" can be found HERE.

From the Inbox:
Another way to add people to groups is through the inbox. You can search for the contact (or you can edit their groups while messaging a contact). 

Then you can add or remove them from groups in the far right corner. 

(This method wouldn't be useful for mass adding people, or when you are just getting started, but would be useful as you are in conversation with people)

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