There is currently a workaround if you do not want PastorsLine to create a profile in CCB before having all the information such as their full name and email address. 

What you would need to do is:
Set up 2 different groups. One that is NOT synced to CCB and one that IS synced to CCB. 

Then set up your data capture (FKA autoresponder) like normal to the group that is NOT synced to CCB. 

Once you are ready, you will then need to move all contacts that completed responding to the data capture (FKA autoresponder) into the group that is synced to CCB (This will then trigger PastorsLine to create the new profiles in CCB). 

Click the "View" icon located next to the group name.

You can easily move all by filtering the group list by clicking on "last name". All names that are blank (the people who have not responded to the data capture (FKA autoresponder)) will be on top. 

Simply select all contact in the group, then UN-check the contacts missing last names (the ones on top). 

Select "Move" and move them to the group that is synced to CCB. 

You can then choose to send a group message to the contacts that haven't responded with their name and ask them / remind them again and then add them to that synced group once you have updated their information. 

**The ability to schedule messages along with choosing to sync to CCB immediately or to wait until the contact has completed the data capture (FKA autoresponder) is coming SOON!

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