Here’s a run down of the conversation and the PastorsLine actions

New Guest: texts “WELCOME” to your phone number (PL adds them to the PastorsLine (PL) group, PL begins search for the profile by phone number in CCB, PL creates a profile in PL if the phone number is not found, and adds them to the CCB group you have chosen)

Data Capture (FKA Autoresponder): We are so glad you are here! We would love to connect with you and send you a free gift, please reply with your full name. 

New Guest: John Doe (PL updates the profile with this first and last name in PL)

Data capture (FKA autoresponder): Thanks John! We’d love to give you a free beverage of your choice from our cafe, please reply with your email address.

New Guest: [email protected]  (PL updates the profile with this email in PL)

Data capture (FKA autoresponder): Great! Keep an eye out for that free coffee! Glad you are here and we look forward to seeing you again next weekend!!” (Data capture (FKA autoresponder) is now done)

Now, the profile will go through our Smart Syncing feature to determine if there are any potential duplicates in CCB BEFORE adding them as a new profile in CCB. If there is no possible duplicate, we will then add the profile to CCB, and if chosen to do so, add them to the CCB group and/or Process Queue you have connected to this Keyword and PL group.  If there are potential duplicates found, you will need to manually merge those profiles with the new, updated information we collected or choose to create a new profile with that information. Learn more about Smart syncing HERE

You can now add them into an Automated Message Campaign (AMC) automatically (A guest follow up workflow that you can customize). More information about how to create AMCs HERE

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