In general, existing telephone numbers in PastorsLine cannot be changed: for example—the ‘1111’ in the number 888 555 1111 cannot be altered to ‘2222’ to make 888 555 2222. Instead, existing telephone numbers are deleted to be replaced by new ones.

To do that

From the Dashboard, either: at the top, on the left-hand side, click on the number you wish to change 

-or- at the top on the right-hand side, click on your Profile and then Voicemail

In either case, the Numbers screen will appear.

If you have one single number: you will need to purchase a new number. Then, you can delete the unwanted number.

If you have multiple numbers, simply delete the unwanted number.

To change which telephone number is your Primary Number: the system recognizes the ‘starred number’ on the Numbers screen as your primary number.
So, on the Numbers screen, simply click on the star at the left-hand side of the number you wish to designate as your primary number.

You can find more information about numbers here.

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