**See info about the new HUB and the end of this article**

Adding links to texts is a great way to move your contacts along to next steps. 

You can copy and paste any web-enabled link (URL) anywhere into your text message. This could be a link to public documents like PDFs, YouTube videos, images, etc. 

Each character in your link will count against your characters per message. If you would like to avoid this, you can shorten your link using a link shortener. Goo.gl and Bit.ly are the most popular. Or you can allow us to do that for you. We currently only integrate with bit.ly (a global leader in link management platforms) and you would be able to see basic clicks. That is, using our integration will track just the clicks. If you are already using a ‘link shortening’ app, you may wish to use it in order to receive more tracking data. 

You can use this link shortener + tracking with groups or contacts. Often, you are interested in tracking link clicks for groups of people. Here’s how you would do this for groups but the steps are the same for a single contact. 

To use the inbuilt shortener:

Login to your PastorsLine (PL) account and choose the organization you are interested in (for those who have more than one organization on PL). 

Then, click on Inbox

For group messages, click on the group you want to send the msg to.

Create your message in the New Message section. You can type your message or use a message template.

To create a short link: 

Click on the Links icon (third link from the left in the New Message section). 

The Short Links pop up screen will open. 

Click on Create New Short Link

Enter the info required and click Save

The Short Links pop up screen will re-open. Click on Insert to insert your link into your new text msg.   

BONUS: View the # of clicks
. Click on the Links icon (third link from the left in the New Message section). The Short Links pop up screen will open. You will be able to see the # of clicks per link listed.

For the new HUB:

Basically, the procedure is the same. It just looks somewhat different. 

In the new HUB, the green arrow points to the Add a Link icon. 

You click on this to begin the process.


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