Here are a list of ideas you can easily put into practice:

  1. Share links to sermons and minutes of meetings.
  2. Encourage members to give online and post updates about financial goals.
  3. Send links to event invitations which can be shared with others, including non-churchers.
  4. Update people about ‘what’s happening’ at church.
  5. Ramp up your evangelism via opt-in codes, updates about future events, and real-time interactions during gatherings.
  6. Church-affiliated schools can send emergency updates (weather, unforeseen circumstances, etc.), reminders about critical events (permission slips for a trip, orders due for a fundraiser, erc.), and point people toward important content on the school’s website.
  7. During a concert, use text messaging to collect contacts, release new music samples, purchase music and send info about future concerts. 
  8. Conference directors can keep in touch before, during (real-time), and after the conference.

Read more information and check out some real-life ministry examples at this link.

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