First and foremost, respect your members’ privacy. Giving out any of their personal information in any way is a no-no. If you want to share any of their personal details, you must FIRST get their permission.

Next, make sure your contacts know how to opt-out. Having an opt-out option makes people comfortable about having control over the process. Actually, it encourages them to stay opted-in.

Keep the conversation going. Your messages should encourage thinking and responses. You are looking for their answers or comments in order to spark new ideas for further conversations.

Offer incentives for staying tuned in. Perhaps a point system for star commenters or some type of game with winners for the younger set.

Pay attention to the timing. The day and time you send the message can often make or break its success.

Shorter is better. Texting is all about saying the most you can using the least number of characters. Since you only have 160 per message, think about making every one count.

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