The answer is ‘yes’ and this article gives you a case study in just that. 

Scott and Julie Lorino run a youth club aimed at strengthening the parent/child relationship and furthering children’s development in spiritual, physical, mental and social areas. One of the key points to making this work is effective communication between the club, the children, AND the parents.

Since the children are young (aged 4-9), club news and announcements did not always make it home. In addition, there are often last minute changes. Previous strategies such as phone calls, emails, and verbal announcements were no longer succeeding as they once were. Also, the club was growing (by the grace of God) and the communications workload was increasing.

The Lorinos decided to opt for text messaging as their solution. They chose PastorsLine (formerly known as crossMRKT). Within a very short time, 99% of the parents were getting and reading the club’s text messages.

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