To VIEW your scheduled messages in the HUB:

Near the top of the left-hand Inbox column, you will see a row of icons. Click Filter (the funnel icon) to list your filter options.

A option box will pop up. Click the drop down arrow next to Scheduled.

Click Contact to view your scheduled messages to individual contacts (this also includes Automated Message Campaign scheduled messages) or Group to choose scheduled group messages. 

Once selected, the Inbox will show the contacts/groups to choose from.

Click the contact/group to open the conversation box and view the scheduled messages. At the bottom of the message box, you will see "You have # scheduled messages". 

Click that message line to reveal all of the scheduled messages for the contact/group. 

To make changes to your scheduled message

If your scheduled message isn't already showing, you might see "You have # scheduled messages", near the bottom of the message box.

Click that message line to reveal all of the scheduled messages. 

If you want to edit or change the scheduled message in any way, click the message and you will see the following options:  Send now, Edit, and Delete.

Click Send now if you want to send the message right away. 

Click Delete If you want to delete the scheduled message. 

Click Edit to edit the message or schedule. Some editing options will appear:

Edit the scheduled message here:

Once your changes to the message have been made, click Save

To edit the date or time the message will send

Click Edit.

Select the new date, then time and click Select Date & Time.

You will now see your updated changes to the date. 

Once you have made all the changes needed, click "Save". Your message will not be scheduled until you click Save.

Once you have saved, your message will look like this:

If you are viewing the Legacy Inbox, click HERE for how to find your scheduled messages.

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