Digital connect texts are automated text messages which guide contacts into naturally sharing information. 

One example of a digital connect text process could enable first-time guests to share name, address, email, phone number, and birthday.  All via texting. No links.

Digital connect cards attempt the same process but via a link. 

That is, contacts get a link they should go to in order to complete a digital information card.

So, the first difference between digital connect cards and digital connect texts is that the cards work via data capture (go somewhere and fill out forms online) but the texts work via auto response (answer a few, easy questions here and now).

This leads to difference #2: digital connect texts are a more natural response format and in our experience, the more natural something feels, the more information people are likely to give you. 

Another difference is that the cards are an ‘all or nothing’ process—you either win or lose. The texts are an ‘as you go’ process—even if your contact stops at a certain point, you still have the information he or she gave up to then.

Check out this article for more information.

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