All ministries are interested in moving their first-time guests along the “new believer to discipleship” journey. So, your communication strategy is your #1 tool. 

 An effective guest follow-up process doesn’t ‘just happen’. It required active development. 

The actual development process can involve a Google (our fav) or Word doc to keep a written record of the brainstorming. You might create avatars(Chapter 3) of your typical first-timers. Here’s Alyght’s helpful template for churches –> Download

The first main step is considering variables such a seasonal variations; fluidity and agility for future growth and changes; training your team; and focusing on your target audience(s). 

You also list what you are doing now and what you would like to add, making sure that all the activities have an impact and match the lifestyles of your avatars. You may see that several simpler follow-up processes will work better than a single, complicated one. Then, you and your team begin to nail down the specifics. 

An initial first-time guest follow-up process involves 4-steps: 

0. Guests receive something of value from you the very first time they visit your church.

1. Guests get a text message from your team on Monday after your weekend service and a handwritten note (if you have their address) before the next weekend.

2. Guests enjoy a phone call from you round about Wednesday. If the guest picks up, chat. If not, leave a short, clear voicemail.

3. Stop and evaluate the next steps—don’t overdo things.

To find out the specific, see examples and get a whole lot of useful, practical links (like our ebook Rethink Ministry) check out our blog itself.

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