Here is the basic ‘anatomical’ structure:

Purpose—decide what this telephone number will be used for. (PastorsLine gives you unlimited numbers and a multi-user option so you can organize things well.)

Permission—either have people opt-in specifically or let your first text be clear about who it is from.

Part of the day—the time of day you send the message makes a difference.

Placement—use personal details such as first name like salt: sparingly and as appropriate.

Phrasing—short, to-the-point messages of within 160 characters are the most effective.

Progress—keep the conversation moving forward personally by replying.

Privacy—your guest’s personal details are a matter of trust: ask before passing on.


Text blasts are like the digital equivalents of megaphone announcements...they should be used but there are best practices.

Find out all the details of the above points PLUS our three top guiding principles in this blog.

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