A great way to personalize your text messages—especially when sending a message to a group—is by using our merge fields option. Typically, group messages have to be more generic since so many people are receiving the message at once—and that can make it feel very impersonal. Using merge fields, helps to make it feel like you are sending an individual message to each person. You can use merge fields in single or group messages, in Data Captures, and Automated Message Campaigns. Anywhere you see this icon, it can be used:

With the click of a button, you can automatically insert the recipient’s first name, last name, email, phone number, or birthday. NOTE: It would be useful to use all of these merge field options when sending a message to all of your contacts for them to confirm or update their information.

Here’s how to use these merge fields:

In the HUB - click here.

In Inbox 1.0 (Legacy)

Go to the Groups Page and select the group you wish to send your message to by clicking the box next to its name. Once selected, the option to “Send SMS” will show up in red. Click on that box and a new conversation box will be created for you. 

You will see the name of your group, and the number of recipients / subscribers at the top of the conversation box. 

Start typing your message. When you get to the part you wish to use a merge field for, click the icon, and select the option you’d like to use. The most commonly used merge field is “First Name”. 

Finish typing your message and send as usual—making sure you are sending from the correct number—and choosing to either schedule your text or send it right away. 

It’s as simple as that. Once you hit “Send”, the PastorsLine system will send text messages to each person in the group you selected—making sure that each message is automatically personalized with the first name (or whichever merge field(s) you selected to use) of the contact receiving it. 

Using merge fields is a great way to save you time and allow you add that personal touch to your messages! 

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