Ministry today is all about communication. Churches are looking for the best way to reach, connect and engage with their members and first-time guests. The goal? Deeper, more natural relationships that keep people moving to the next steps.

PastorsLine has quite a few features that maximize your impact while minimizing the resources it costs you (people power, time, and pocket power). In other words, using PastorsLine costs you less to do more. Here are the highlights:

Internal features worth a special mention...

  • Advanced data capture (FKA autoresponder)—more data in a more organic way

  • Voice broadcasting—not everyone likes text

  • Voice call forwarding—a friendly voice even if you are not available

  • Outboard 1-on-1—Your unique local number makes calls, too.

  • Birthday campaigns—continued caring

  • Contests—keep the momentum going

  • Live polling—real-time feedback + cell phone contacts for follow-up

  • More than one number—organize messaging by purpose, person, or mix’n’match

  • Advanced analytics/reporting—’cause the basics are just not good enough today

Integrations with platforms you are already using...

Seamless integration with Church Community Builder (CCB) and MailChimp. Per user request, Planning Center Online (PCO), Zapier, and Slack are in the works.

Our PastorsLine vs. Text In Church blog has loads more details AND two useful links: one to register for a free, no credit card required trial and another for a free, ebook about Texting in Churches. Check it out here.

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