Imagine have a text conversation on the telephone, but there isn’t an actual person at the other end. Instead, there is a personalized series of digital connect texts to guide you through a process: giving info such as your name and email; asking for prayer; getting information about an upcoming event; or signing up for a small group at the church. PastorsLine has named this option “data capture” (FKA autoresponder). Sometimes this process is also referred to as a text/chat bot. 

Data captures and text/chat bots mirror the exact way in which people communicate with their phones. They are set up to run automatically (although there are options where you can switch to manual) and can be personalized for a more natural, human communication experience. 

We are always improving ours such as the latest tweak: showing the actual conversation within your Inbox View. 

Find out more information, including how to set up a data capture, at this link

In this blog, you can see a real life example of a data capture. 

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