Admins have the ability to edit user privileges and allow them to, or restrict them from editing existing contact information or adding new contacts to the PastorsLine database.  This helps give the admin a little bit more control on the information that is entered, and allows that user to send and receive messages from their assigned numbers and groups. You can also assign users to groups and change a user to be an "Admin" or "User" as needed.

To edit your users, go to the drop down box under your name, and choose "Users". 

Select the user you want to edit and click the "pencil" icon next to it under the actions menu. 

Now, you can select their new role from the drop down menu:

Admins have full access to the account.
Users can be more restricted and need to be assigned a Per month credit amount to use when sending messages.

Scroll down to the bottom and click "Save"

You can also assign users to specific groups to make it easier for them to find their groups when logged into their account. 

Click "disable contact management" at the bottom of the screen if you would like to block the option to edit, delete, or add new contacts for this new user. *this option is only available for users. You cannot disable contact management for Admins.

Adding a new user
If you would like to add a new user, simply click "add new user"

Fill out the new user's information 

and click "invite".  

These features help give you more control over the information entered and make it easier to manage your users. 

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