This article will discuss the conversation box. This is where all the magic happens! Where relationships are built and strengthened!

Conversation Box: two sections

Top Section

Shows the previous conversation threads of conversation between you and a contact. This section now features an automatic scroll—a user request that we were happy to add. Now, when you open a conversation, it will automatically scroll to the most recent communication. This helps you quickly pick up where the conversation left off. 

Bottom Section 

Where you will send your new message. This is probably already a familiar layout to you if you use other chat applications.

Read about how to send your first text message.
Read about the new three-column view so you can work directly from your Inbox.

Conversation History: more information

If you have multiple numbers and users, this will be very beneficial to you. 

Which number the subscriber text was sent to 

On subscriber texts next to their names, you will see which number the message was sent to. This enables you to more efficiently filter and redirect messages to your team members. 

Who sent your text and from which number

On your texts next to your names, you will see which number your message was sent from. This information serves you well when you have multiple users assigned to the same number or multiple numbers.

User Roles

PastorsLine uses a star system to let you know the roles assigned to your users. This information is shown after the telephone number on each text message sent by your team.

Fully shaded star = Account owner

Half shaded star = Admin. An owner and an admin are basically the same except an owner cannot be edited or deleted. 

Clear, or all white star = Regular or restricted user. 

*You can learn more about the different roles here: User Roles

New number filter

Admins can filter conversations by number. This filter allow you to show / hide conversations according to the number they were sent to. You can pick out those conversation just related to you. You can have a look at conversations connected to one of your team members or a particular campaign (when the telephone number is being used exclusively for that campaign). 

Personalizing messages

The conversation box allows you to personalize your messages by using templates, merge fields, and by adding links or photos. 

If you are an owner or an admin, you can quickly switch between numbers and easily see the account's nickname. 

Since we have made it easier to switch between numbers, we have also made PastorsLine sensitive to these switches. So, if the last message to the subscriber was sent from a different number than the number you are trying to send from now, a confirmation message will pop up to make sure you really want to do that. 

We have also improved the template option. You can now use or create new templates right from the inbox.  We did this to help reduce the amount of clicks and work involved so your time in the inbox is really maximized.

Here’s where you can find further information about using pictures and including merge fields

Message scheduling

We don’t always have the time to sit down, compose, and send text messages. The good new is that you can schedule texts for a time in the future. So, you can prepare everything when you have the time and let PastorsLine send them out when appropriate.

Here’s more about message scheduling.

Viewing messages

You can view more messages (Click 'History') or delete all the messages in the conversation history (right now only the 10 most recent messages load automatically).

You can also block, delete, or unsubscribe a user - all from the same screen.

Learn more about viewing messages here.

We want to help you save time so you can focus on what is important to you—building relationships and connecting with your church!

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