PastorsLine was created to help you build relationships through texting and this article is going to show you how to start sending those messages! 

Step 1: In the HUB, make sure that you are in the Messages tab. The Messages icon [yellow box below] will be highlighted.

Step 2: Click on New Message [green box above]. The New Message screen will pop up.

Step 3: Start typing in the search box [brown box below] to find the contact, group name, or number to which you want to send your text message. As you can see below, typing a few letters will find all the relevant contacts/groups/numbers. Works the same way when you type numbers.

Step 4: Choose the contact(s) / group(s) / number(s) whom you want to text. As you can see below [brown box], we have chosen to send to Jason. Then click Next [gold arrow].

Step 5: The New Message screen will pop up.

Begin typing your message on the message line (brown box above). NOTE the short cuts: Check out this quick video for more info on this:

***CRT + Enter sends your message at that moment [CMD (Command) + Enter for Apple users]

***Enter brings you to the start of a new line

Step 6: Type in your message.

As you begin typing, you will notice that a Clock icon [brown box below] will appear. If you click on this icon, a calendar will pop up. Schedule your text message for a later send by completing and saving the date/time details on the pop up screen.

You will also notice that the Send icon [gold box below] will now be a darker color. When you are finished your text message, click on this icon to send it.

How many credits will this message cost you? Check it out via the Credit Estimate feature (turquoise oval below).

Lastly, take a look at the Downward arrow (orange arrow below). Clicking on this arrow opens up a dropdown menu of your available phone numbers, including our short code, in case you want to make any changes.

Step 7: There are 5 icons on the bottom left-hand side of this area. Do you need any of them? Here's what they do:

Icons 1 + 2: Click here to upload files via our file picker.

Icon 3: Click here to use available merge fields.

Icon 4: Click here to use an existing message template or create a new one.

Icon 5: Click here to use an existing short link or create a new one.

Step 8: Double check your text and then click on the Send icon [gold box above] ... or use CTRL/CMD + Enter... to get your message on its way.


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