PastorsLine was created to help you build relationships through texting and this article is going to show you how to start sending those messages! 

Step 1:

In the HUB, make sure that you are in the Messages tab. The Messages icon [yellow box above] will be highlighted.

Step 2: Click on New Message [green box above]. The New Message screen will pop up.

Step 3: Start typing in the search box [purple box above] to find the contact, group name, or number to which you want to send your text message.

As you can see below, typing a few letters will find all the relevant contacts/groups/numbers. Works the same way when you type numbers.

Step 4: Choose the contact(s) / group(s) / number(s) whom you want to text. As you can see below [green box], we have chosen to send to Jason. Then click Next [orange arrow].

You will enter into the New Message screen.

Step 5: Type in your message.

As you begin typing, you will notice that a Clock icon [orange box] will appear. If you click on this icon, a calendar will pop up. Schedule your text message for a later send by completing and saving the date/time details on the pop up screen.

You will also notice that the Send icon [yellow box] will now be a darker color. When you are finished your text message, click on this icon to send it.

Step 6: There are 5 icons on the bottom left-hand side of this area. Do you need any of them? Here's what they do:

Icons 1 + 2: Click here to upload files via our file picker.

Icon 3: Click here to use available merge fields.

Icon 4: Click here to use an existing message template or create a new one.

Icon 5: Click here to use an existing short link or create a new one.

Step 7: Double check your text and then click on the Send icon [yellow box above] to get your message on its way.


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