PastorsLine was created to help you build relationships through texting and this article is going to show you how to start sending those messages! 

If you have not already sent a message, or to find an existing thread, Go to the search box (If you need any help, click this icon in the welcome message to help direct you to the search box). 

Within the search box, you can search by phone number, name, group name or tag.  Type in the number, and if you have already messaged that number, the conversation will pull up in the history. 

If you want to create a new message, type the number in the search box, click the chat icon next to the number and a new conversation box will open. 

Within the conversation box, you can use and create templates, insert merge fields to auto fill in the contact's information (This is especially useful to add a more personal touch when sending group messages). You can also insert links or pictures. 

If you have multiple numbers, you can easily choose which number you want to send you message from. 

You can schedule when the message will be sent, or choose to send it right away. 

Now you're all set to start texting! 


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