You know those flyers or postcards that your church uses to spread the word about upcoming events? Splash Pages are digital equivalents. Here’s what happens: you create an exciting web page that can include video, images, or any HTML. Then, you text the URL (Internet address) of that web page to all the relevant subscribers on your list. Splash Pages could also be things like driving directions with maps, coupons, or timetables.

PastorsLine comes complete with a mobile splash page builder including a full-featured HTML editor. Videos are uploaded and inserted via a YouTube embed code or a video URL. Your page can include your church logo as its header. You can also change the body and footer text. You can play around with images and background colors.

Any splash page you create is hosted on the PastorsLine server and comes complete with its own QR code for virtually instant access by anyone who scans. In addition to your mobile-using church members and guests, QR codes can posted around your community for access by anyone. So, they are a polite, unobtrusive way to advertise your church and its activities.

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