Just as barcodes (those dark lines on a product) are visual representations of product information, Quick Response codes (QR codes) are visual representations of mobile device commands. Increasingly, churches are including QR codes in their SMS repertoire.

Reasons why?

  1. Accuracy which saves time and frustration: Scanning a QR code brings your church member or guest to the exact digital address you want them to arrive at. They don’t need to type in a phone number, a website address, or even a keyword—each one open to user error so they might have to repeat the process again or even AGAIN.

  2. Versatility which enriches your relationship: QR codes are direct links to a whole slew of activities and information such as URLs, Locations (using links to Google Maps coordinates), online giving sites, email, Wi-Fi, etc.

To create a QR code for your campaign, visit HERE.

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