You can now invite your entire team to use PastorsLine.

1. Owner – An admin that another admin can’t delete. The first person to sign up for a PastorsLine account. It’s typically to whom the billing profile is set.

2. Admin (that’s the default role we assign all users) – You can do and see everything (except of course #1). Each admin added will have the same complete control. The owner/admin can either assign a unique number to each admin or allow them to share existing numbers. An admin can switch their ‘send from’ number at any time as a one-time option or as the default number. In other words, when sending a message from the inbox, an admin can change the ‘from’ number per message. Alternatively, an admin can go to the numbers page and change their default number where messages are sent from when they are logged in. Regardless, they will be able to see all numbers and conversations. No limit on credits.

3. User – This is a limited view where they will only see the groups they are assigned. Users would not be able to add or delete users, or change billing or account level settings. Perfect for your church leaders whose only concern is to communicate with specific groups. Each user can either be assigned a unique number or any other existing numbers. When users share numbers/access, each user will be able to see everything from/to those numbers (sending messages and getting replies). Admin sets the number of credits they receive per month and can increase or decrease this amount at any time. 

Notifications – Each user, admin, or owner can control which notifications they receive. However, as mentioned above, anyone that is assigned to a number will be able to receive/see all the notifications and messages related to that number. If you want to limit this for users or even admins, consider assigning a unique number to each user. Additional numbers start from 125 / credits per month.

**We've added a new setting for notifications.**

Now you can choose to receive notifications on as many (or as few) numbers as you'd like. So if you have 4 numbers on your account, and you want notifications for 2 of them, you can easily select those numbers in your notification settings. *Please note: these are not mobile app notifications - these are for messages sent to your number(s) that are NOT related to a keyword campaign

Team Structure
– As you decide on how you setup your team on PastorsLine, you might want to consider the following: How will the number be used? Will it be used as a “personal” number that is meant for engagement? E.g. Your guest follow-up number should solely be used by your “connections pastor/lead”. Or perhaps, you plan on using PastorsLine for your ministry or small groups as a way to mostly sharing information. In either case, the main purpose is different and you would want to separate the uses by using different numbers.

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