You can now invite your entire team to use PastorsLine, assigning each person roles and permissions.

***The video below is based on a previous version of PastorsLine. As a result, the screens will look different. However, the process is more or less the same. So, until we replace it, watching this video will give you a good idea of the general "how to".***

Roles have been improved and updated for V3. For the most up to date info and all the details per role, visit this article HERE.

***We suggest opening up this link in a new tab, so you can more easily return to this article.***

Notifications – Each user, admin, or owner can control which notifications they receive. However, anyone that is assigned to a number will be able to receive/see all the notifications and messages related to that number. If you want to limit this for users or even admins, consider assigning a unique number to each user. Additional numbers start from 125 / credits per month.

Now you can choose to receive notifications on as many (or as few) numbers as you'd like. So if you have 4 numbers on your account, and you want notifications for 2 of them, you can easily select those numbers in your notification settings. *Please note: these are for messages sent to your number(s) that are NOT related to a keyword campaign/autoresponder.

***Again, an "old screen video".***

Team Structure – As you decide on how you setup your team on PastorsLine, you might want to consider the following: How will the number be used? Will it be used as a “personal” number that is meant for engagement? E.g. Your guest follow-up number should solely be used by your “connections pastor/lead”. Or perhaps, you plan on using PastorsLine for your ministry or small groups as a way to mostly sharing information. In either case, the main purpose is different and you would want to separate the uses by using different numbers.

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