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Creating Groups

This PastorsLine module builds relevant relationships because it keeps you from text spamming your church contacts. Instead of sending the same message to everyone, you send it only to those segments which will find it of interest or use.

Quick Video


To create a group

QUICK GROUP: Click on ‘Add new group’. Type in the group name. Click on ‘Save’.

DATA CAPTURE GROUP: These groups are a powerful way to drive people to give you data. A keyword is a word that a person sends to your PastorsLine phone number. The keyword lets PastorsLine know which data capture (FKA autoresponder) to turn on. In other words, which series of messages to use for the conversation.

For example, let’s open a ‘Welcome’ group for first time visitors:
 Click on ‘Add new group’. Type in the group name.
 Click on ‘Keyword’. Select the phone number to use (in the case that you have several). Type in the keyword—in our example, it is ‘Welcome’.
 Use a template or compose a message. Our message might be, ‘Welcome to our church. We are glad you visited with us today.’
 For those returning subscribers, type a different, more personal message. Perhaps ‘Welcome back. You are already connected to the group.’
 Click on ‘Save’.

To send a message to a group
 Choose the group you wish to send the message to. Click on ‘Send SMS’.
 Type in the message you wish to send. Personalize by asking PastorsLine to add in the first name (if it has been captured previously).

Adding a tag to a contact
 Tags are more bits of information that can be added to a contact’s details. Tags create groups within a group. For example, you can add a dietary tag to each of your contacts in the ‘Weekend Retreat’ group to identify who is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, etc. Adding tags is done from the Inbox.

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