A data capture is  great way to collect data. It's the core module we used in our famed DigitalConnectTexts.com.

Let's look at using a data capture as if it were a cooking recipe...


1 group with a keyword

You can either create a new group with a keyword or use an existing group and add a keyword. More on creating groups here -->

How to

The following video shows you how to setup and manage a Data Capture.

Keeping the conversation going is an essential part of a good relationship. Data capture (FKA autoresponder) helps you do that by automatically sending a message back. For example, a first-time guest joins a small group. You have previously set up a data capture (FKA autoresponder) to immediately acknowledge their signup and welcome them to the fold. The data capture (FKA autoresponder) is organized to add in personal information such as their first name so that the message is more ‘human’.

Personalized texting engages your church members and first time guests, helping to build strong, healthy relationships. How do you capture this personal data? With the PastorsLine data capture (FKA autoresponder). You can find this powerful tool under Campaigns.

Data capture (FKA autoresponder) allows you to set up automated data capture flows. At the moment, PastorsLine can capture the texter’s name, email, and birthday.

 On the Add new Data capture (FKA autoresponder) screen:
 1. Select your group or add a new one. We recommend giving your groups meaningful names such as Wed. Prayer or Summer Camp.

2. Type in your keyword. This is the keyword for the group. For our Wed. Prayer group, we might use the keyword Spirit.

3. Name your Campaign (something meaningful so you know what this data capture will be used for)

4. Set up the messages to accompany each data item you want to capture.
 You will need to set up two message streams. The message stream on the left is for true first-time guests. The message stream on the right is for texters who are already in the system. PastorsLine will recognize these ‘repeaters’ so they don’t have to keep giving their info over and over and over…again.

5. Save your completed form.

Now, all the people who text Spirit will be guided to give their personal information to the system (if they have not already done so).

 Let’s say we want to send an SMS to this group. Click on the Groups icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

On the Groups and Keywords screen:
 1. Select the group you wish to send the SMS to. Once you select a group, three options in red will appear above the table of groups.

2. Choose Send SMS.

3. Type the message you wish to send.
 Take advantage of your previous data capture by personalizing your message with a merge field: Click on the Merge Field icon (</>) and add the merge field desired. For example, “Hi [First Name], Prayer Meeting tonite at 8. You in?” Each member of the group will receive a personalized SMS.

Check out this article HERE for more details and help with Data Captures.

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