The PastorsLine Campaigns module allows you to develop different workflows in order to collect and automate your processes. Campaigns offers you five options: Automated messages, Birthday SMS wishes, Contest polls, Data capture (FKA autoresponder) and SMS polls. Let’s look at an overview of each one.

Automated messages

Prepare messages in advance and schedule them to go out as and when needed. This option suits one-off messages (reminders about annual events) or a series of messages (21-day prayer texts). There are 3 ways to get your members opted in: via a keyword; by manually entering their information to trigger the automation; and via an integration (such as CCB and PCO) to automatically trigger when new members are synced over. More info + ‘how to’ steps here.

Birthday SMS wishes

Use the data collected during subscriber opt in to remember your church members on their special days. Our PastorsLine system will automatically send each person a customized message. You can turn off this feature for individual subscribers or groups if desired. Learn how it works here.

Contest polls

Everyone loves to win … and it’s not really the prize that matters. It’s the special feeling of winning! So, contests are way to engage with your congregation and encourage them to respond … even when you don’t really have anything to say. Further details + ‘how to’ here.

Data capture (FKA autoresponder)

Capturing personal data in a polite yet effective way and replying with significant information keeps the conversation going to build good relationships. For example, when sending text messages to groups of people, each email begins with the person’s first name, giving it that personalized touch. Find out how to set up and manage a data capture campaign here.

SMS Polls

Use this option to find out what’s in the minds and hearts of your membership and first-time guests. Each question can have up to four answers (think multiple choice questions: a,b,c,d). Step-by-step ‘how to’ here.

Two great things about all these Campaigns are that they are easy to set up and reusable. Our Campaigns function offers powerful tools to capture important data, engage your audience and help build those strong relationships.

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