To record a voice broadcast

Click on the Voice icon in the icon column on the left-hand side of your screen. The Voice Broadcast screen will appear. Click on New Voice Broadcast. The New Voice Broadcast capture screen will appear. You will be presented with 3 options. Text-to-Voice, MP3 upload and our new option, Voice Recording.

Click on Voice Recordings. Enter a name for your recording. Enter the cell or landline number that PastorsLine should call so you can record your message. Then, click Call Now. PastorsLine will call the telephone number you gave. The system will guide you to record your message. You will be able to replay and re-record your message as well.

To connect a recording to a group

Once your message has been recorded, the system will automatically return you to the New Voice Broadcast screen and show your your latest recording. Select this tab if the system has not done so. Your new voice recording will have been added to the list. Now you can connect a voice recording to a group: Click on a voice recording to select it. The selected recording will turn slightly grey. Then, select the group that this recording should be used for. Click on Use Recording. This will save that voice recording to that specific group and automatically redirect you to the voice broadcasting send screen. This will allow you to confirm a few final options. You can also close this window and continue it later.

To send a voice broadcast

From the Voice Broadcast screen, click on the Call Option (phone icon) for the group desired. The Send Broadcast screen will appear. Choose the telephone number you want to use. You will be able to use a PastorsLine number that is unique to your account OR you can verify and send a voice broadcast from your own phone.) Change the language if desired. Change the number of message repetitions if desired. Chose the pause before it plays time if desired. Then, click Send Voice Broadcast

If you would like your voice broadcast message to be played for voicemails as well, you need to turn on machine detection. Find out more on this HERE.

Note1: voice broadcasts cost 2 credits per minute per subscriber. We recommend keeping your message below 1 minute as a best practice.
 Note2: At the moment, voice broadcasts can only be done from the PastorsLine website. Changes to the mobile app are in the works and will be completed soon.

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