To access the new Voice Module 

Step 1: Click on Voice (phone icon, yellow box below).

Step 2: Click on New Voice Message (phone with a + sign, green box below).

The system will refresh to a HUB screen similar to this (that is, with your contact details):

Now you are ready to search for your group, prepare your voice broadcast, and send it.

Sending a Voice Broadcast 

There are two ways to start your Voice Broadcast message:

  1.  From the Inbox tab
  2.  From the Groups tab

Step 1 - From the Inbox Tab:

1. The first is by clicking the "Voice" icon (as shown in the video above):

2. Next, click the "New Voice Message" icon:

3. Then, search for your group or the individual you want to send the broadcast to, and click the group name:

You should now see this screen (please note - for safari and iphone users, the web record option is not available):

OR Step 1 - From the Groups tab: 

1. Click the "groups" icon

2. Select your group:

3. Click the "voice broadcast" icon

Regardless of how you start your Voice Broadcast, you will be taken to the same screen  (please note - for safari and iphone users, the web record option is not available)::

Step 2 - Sending the Voice Broadcast: Choose your options

A) Web Record - Record from your computer / web your voice broadcast (not available for safari and/or iphone users):
B) Mobile Record - Record your voice  broadcast over the phone (PastorsLine will call you)
C) Upload MP3 - Upload a MP3 file you have already created
D) Text to Voice - Have an automated voice read your text to the recipient
E) Broadcast Library - Select from a list of previously used broadcasts (if saved as templates)

A) Web Record

1. Select "Web Record" from the menu and then click "Next"

2. Click the "record" button when ready to record your message. 

3. Use one of these options if you are finished recording or need to pause your recording. 

4. Once you are finished, click "Next"

5. You have now completed step 2 and will see the Step 3 screen:

B) Mobile Record 

1. Select "Mobile Record" from the menu and then click "Next"

2. Select the person to call.
If the number shown on this screen is not the number you need called, type out the right phone number here. 

Once you have typed the phone number, click the "call" icon. This will call that number and walk them through the steps to record their message. 

3. If the number shown is correct (your info will be shown by default), then select the "call" icon. This will call you and walk you through the steps to record your message. 

While the call in progress, it will look like this:

4. Once the recording is complete, you can Play it back, or re-do it. Once you have the message you want to send, click "Next".

5. You have now completed step 2 and will see the Step 3 screen:

C) Upload MP3

1. Select "Upload MP3" from the menu and then click "Next"

2. Click the "Upload" icon and select the MP3 file from your computer. 

3. Once selected, you can play your recording, change your recording to upload a different MP3 or Click "next" to use the current uploaded MP3. 

4. You have now completed step 2 and will see the Step 3 screen:

D) Text to Voice

1. Select "Text to Voice" from the menu and then click "Next"

2. Choose your language

3. Type out your message to be read by the automated voice and then click "next".

4. You have now completed step 2 and will see the Step 3 screen:

E) Broadcast Library

1. Select "Broadcast Library" from the menu and then click "Next"

2. Search for a saved broadcast, or click next to the broadcast recording you wish to use and click "next"

3. You have now completed step 2 and will see the Step 3 screen:

Step 3 - Edit your settings

*****New option: Call Screening Greeting***
We've gotten feedback about the delay between when a contact answers the call and when the system plays the voice message. Even though the delay is only 3 seconds, some people are feeling that this is too long. Here is our solution: Call Screening Greeting (orange box below).

If Call Screening Greeting is toggled on (i.e. toggle button is purple, green box below), the PastorsLine system will ask the receiver to Press 1 to hear your message. If this is not done, your message will play automatically after 3 seconds.

The message they will hear is up to you. Write your message in the greeting box (blue arrow below). Since it is a text-to-voice message, it will be read out in an automated voice.

Now, continue as usual to continue to edit your settings...

  1. Choose your "sending as" number (if applicable)

2. Choose your options for "If answered by a person". You can choose to delay playing the message for 0-5 seconds (recommended to keep on 0), and you can choose how many times you want to repeat this message (up to 5 times). 

3. Choose your "If answered by Voicemail" options. You can choose to repeat this message up to 5 times. 

4. Toggle this on if you want to save this recording to the "Broadcast Library". 

5. You will not see how many people this broadcast will be sent to and how many credits it will "cost" (if you do not have enough credits it will tell you and you will be unable to send this broadcast until enough credits have been added to your account). 

If you do have enough credits, you will have the option to "send now" or to schedule this broadcast. 

To schedule this, click the clock icon, and choose your date and time. Then click "confirm"

You will then see your scheduled date and time listed at the bottom of the settings page. You can Edit the date and time, delete it or click the schedule/send icon at the bottom if you are finished. 

Your message will now send the the group if you chose to send now, or you will see your scheduled message in the group's conversation box. 

Voice Broadcast rates

Up to the first minute is 2 credits per person.
Up to 2 minutes is 3 credits per person.
Click here for more information.

At the moment, voice broadcasts can only be done from the PastorsLine website. Changes to the mobile app are in the works and will be completed soon.

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