UPDATE: We recently adding a "Smart Encoding" option to minimize the following issue.  

General Issue

The message splitting that you’re seeing is caused by the presence of Unicode characters in your SMS message.
 Unicode characters include characters from different alphabets, symbols, as well as some punctuation commonly created by word processing applications, including “long dashes” and “curly apostrophes”. While Unicode encoding allows the display of a wider range of characters, it’s also more memory intensive than the GSM 3.38 character encoding which SMS uses by default. This means that messages which contain any Unicode may only be 70 characters in length, not 160 like a normal SMS message.

When your SMS message is sent to the PastorsLine API, the API evaluates whether or not the message contains Unicode characters. If there are Unicode characters present, your message is sent using Unicode encoding. If not, the message is sent using GSM 3.38 encoding.

PastorsLine will send Unicode-encoded messages up to 160 characters long, but the message will split into roughly 70 character long chunks.

I would recommend using the following tools to check. We will add this option directly into our system soon, but if you want to be sure, use.

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