This mode allows you to manage all your church subscribers. Once a person has subscribed, their details get added to this list.

You then can tap into our contact information to perform tasks such as categorizing them into relevant groups, sending them specific SMS messages, and exporting their details to your other digital apps.

You can also import a .CSV file of contacts.

Here's what happens when you import a list of contacts into PastorsLine (PL):

1. For contacts with a  phone number listed, if we find an exact match, then we do not import it into PL, if there is NO Match, then we create a new contact in PL.

2. For contacts with no phone number listed, we try to match by first and last name, if there is a profile in PL with the same info already, then we do not create a new contact. If NO match is found,  we create a new contact in PL

For more information about what is excluded from in import, check out this article HERE.

NEW FEATURE: Easily Identify New Imports to a Group

Sometimes, it is useful to know which people you have just imported. So, when you import members into a group, PastorsLine also makes a separate group containing the new imports.

Let’s say you have the group, Bible Study with 15 members. You import several new members into this group.  Now, your Bible Study group will have 18 members, and there will be another group of the new imports with 3 members.


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