Welcome to PastorsLine! We are sure we are as excited to welcome you to our community as you are to join us. Let’s get started…

In this short 10 minute video, our Customer Support Specialist, Anne Heath gives you a quick overview tour of the platform.

After log in, your first screen will be the Dashboard. The dashboards of cars show information about the vehicles and give you buttons, dials, and swipe screens to perform a variety of actions. Same for the PastorsLine dashboard.

The column of icons on the extreme left of the screen categorizes your action options.
 For example, Contacts (to add or edit contact information) and Analytics (to get important stats on how PastorsLine is working for your church).

Moving slightly to the right is the Messages Overview Area. Here you will see data about the text and voice messages sent and received.

In the middle of the Dashboard, there is a section which gives info about the Campaigns and Message Templates you have set up.

In the top right-hand corner, there is a message, “Welcome Demo”. The word ‘Demo’ will be replaced with your login name (Welcome Bill or Welcome Alice). Clicking on this message opens up further action options such as Billing, Account Upgrades, and Changing Passwords.

But enough overview…let’s DO something! To send your first message, to the left of the Welcome message are three icons: People, a Cartoon-type speech bubble, and a Bell. Click on the middle icon for the Message Box. Click on the New Message option, complete the screen which opens (phone number, msg, etc.), and click on ‘Send’. Easy, right?

Once you’ve sent a few messages, you can click on Inbox (extreme right-hand column). Inbox shows you what communication you have been receiving.

Managing contacts is simple also. Click on Contacts (just below Inbox). You will be able to add single contacts one by one. You will also be able to import a group of contacts from other apps which you are currently using via .cvc files for example.

Note that your first contact is PastorsLine—us. We are here to answer questions, provide help, or just respond to your comments. We really encourage you to communicate with us because together, we can make PastorsLine serve churches even better than it already does.

Just click on PastorsLine to send us a text through your account. Naturally, there is NO CHARGE to you for these text messages.

Still a little unsure about what is what, where, and how to? Check out our other PastorsLine videos in which we explain each feature in depth. If you still need support, no problem. Get in touch. We are here to help and advise.

Again, welcome aboard!

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