To verify a number that you own or your hosted landline number:

  1. Click on your Profile Name (top, right-hand corner of the screen) and then click on Numbers (telephone icon). The Numbers screen will appear.

2. You will see three options: Get an additional Number, Verify Your Number (Voice broadcast) and Verify your Landline Number (SMS/Text). Choose Verify Your Number (Voice broadcast) . The Verify a Phone Number screen will pop up.

3. Complete the screen: Nickname = the name you gave the phone number so you could recognize it; Number = select the country from the drop down menu, enter in the number you want to verify. Click on Call Now. The Verify a Phone Number validation code screen will pop up.

4. PastorsLine will call you on the number you have chosen. When you answer, the system will ask for the validation code. Enter the 5- or 6-digit validation code you see on the screen. When the system tells you that validation has been successful, click on Confirm to complete the verification process.

5. The screen will refresh. You will see your phone numbers. The number you just verified will appear as Verified in the Status column. This number can now be used for any outgoing calls you wish to make.

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